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The Real Game partnership is led by National Life/Work Centre and Real Game Inc. Development partners included Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (Human Resources Partnership) and the Canada Career Information Partnership network of career consultants in Provincial and Territorial Departments of Education. Real Game Series programs have have been ordered by over 16,000 schools and community agencies and are experienced by 250,000 students annually. They are helping a new generation of Canadians imagine the future they want to live, understand the importance ofsuccess in school, and become more purposeful and intentional in achieving their dreams.

Real Game Digital 2007 Canadian Pilot Report

Real Game US 2007 National Evaluation

Other Real Game Research and Evaluations

VIDEOS  Click here to view short Real Game video sequences featuring students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members.

Online tutorials are now available for the brand new digital edition of The Real Game (The Real Game 2.1):

What is The Real Game? (17:01 mins)

See a short overview of the contents, activities, goals and outcomes of The Real Game

The New Career Paradigm (17:20 mins)

See how perceptions of the processes and outcomes of career development have changed and learn why we must prepare students for success in life, not just work or education.

Register and Activate (3:16 mins)

Learn how to register and activate a 14-day FREE Trial License or a two-year Site License

Manage Classes (9:30 mins)

Learn how to create classes, enter students, organize teams and assign job roles to students

Overview of Facilitator Zone (20:25 mins)

Learn how to access and use all program components, functions, lesson plans and resources for facilitators

Overview of Student Zone (19:20 mins)

View the activities and resources available for students to access from school or home that complement classroom or group learning activities.

Note: You will need Windows Media Player to view these tutorials. Free downloads for PCs and Macs are available at: Windows Media Player Download

All programs are effective for a range of ages. For example, The Play Real Game is for primary schools, but it is effective in juvenile justice with teens and young adults with low reading levels and attitudes are issues. The Real Game 2.1 Digital is ideal for middle gradess, but works well in foster carer settings, youth summer camps, and adult settings where literacy, readiness and behaviour are challenges. The Be Real Game is ideal in high schools, and highly effective in colleges and universities.For details on a program click on the logo (left) or name below.

The Play Real Game  (Grades 3/4+   Ages 7+)

The Make It Real Game  (Grades 5/6+   Ages 9 +)

The Real Game 2.1 Digital Edition (Grades 7/8+   Ages 11+)

The Be Real Game  (Grades 9/10+   Ages 13+)

The Get Real Game  (Grades 11/12+ - Ages 16+)

Real Times, Real Life  (Adults   Ages 18+)

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National Life/Work Centre, 488 Centrale Street, Memramcook, NB E4K 3S6